Letting go of Perfect.



“That’s the beauty of ART, it’s the unexpected things that happen'.   — Laura Horn

All the hard work is done, all that remained now was for one artist to take a very brave step and put herself out there, out into the world of internet teaching. 

Laura had a vision, she knew exactly how she wanted to paint,  but she did not know how to articulate how this process begins let alone how it continues to grow, change and evolve into a finished piece. This was a process that normally took place in a very quiet, private, home studio where no explanation was needed, it was stress free and simple............................. Until now.

Now Laura had to try and convey not only what the process entailed, but how she felt while she painted. For a quietly spoken and shy person it was challenging for both of us to come up with a way we could film the process without disrupting the creative energy required to complete a piece of art. So we sat down and had a cup of tea. (I had a tim-tam or two).

We planned and planned and planned, nothing seemed to flow, we spoke about direction, location, lighting, camera angles, audio and on and on we planned, still nothing gelled, it still felt contrived (which it is) but we want it to be natural, organic and beautifully simple. 

We set up and started and about 5 minutes in we stopped and tore up the script (not literally, we did not have a script). I asked her to trust me, she was unsure as this is a very emotional and personal project. It had to be perfect. I asked her to trust me and she did, I told her to do what she does best, PAINT. I removed all pressure of getting the shot and we threw PERFECT out the window. I told her my video was going to be a MELTING POT just like her painting and we will allow the unsuspected to happen. 

I decided to flip the shot order on its head. Laura could not see how this would work and even when I explained it to her she was still unsure but she trusted me, something she would only do once. (Don't mess this up Richie).

So I did something so simple and so right that we missed it in the planning stage. I told her to PAINT. Don't think about the introduction, don't think about the layers, don't think about the art supplies and the techniques, just PAINT. 

And the unexpected happened. Laura began to paint. She fell in love and it was instant. She knew I was there and the cameras where running but she was present in her painting. She began to speak simple clear words and sentences explaining what, why and how she was doing what she was doing. It was natural, unplanned and beautifully imperfect. It was ART. 

We shot all the painting's layers in one day. Then we came back and shot the intro and outro a day later. We had fallen into a trap, the trap of perfection and order. It was not until we stopped striving for perfection and decided to shoot in any order we liked it lifted the pressure to be something or someone she was not. She became what she already was, she was Laura Horn, she just happens to be an amazing artist.

Fighters and Posters

Fighter photos......................

Most professional promoters will have their own staff photographers on site but a lot of the time they do not. Even the ones that do will only have them for fight night and maybe at the weighin, but they are not there for you, they are there for the promotion. Interstate promotions will require you to send them your own photos, do you have some? Do you own the rights to them?.

As a fighter you must sell your product, that product is you. If you are to be put on a poster/promotional production  at least you get to chose which immages they use.   


You are your own brand, use it to your advantage. 

I am amazed at how many fighters not have their own set of professionally shot portrait photos, let alone the very small amount who do and have them stored in the cloud as high resolution files ready for any promoter to use on posters and fight cards. Your guess is as good as mine as to why this is so. I am assuming that they do not know the importance of having professional photographs taken, or maybe they assume that a screen grab is good enough for digital edit or print, trust me, your iPhone photos look good on social media but they will not hold up next to high resolution photographs of your opponent. 

Terry Nickolas

Terry Nickolas

It costs money to have your photo taken but you can lower the cost by doing it as a gym, or if you have a sponsor get them to cover the cost by wearing their logo on your shorts. It is easy to find a photographer online and if not ask around the gyms or even the promoters if they could recommend one. 

Go out and get yourself out there.........................



Hannah and Billy

Hannah And Billy wanted to do something relaxed and kin of unique. They wanted to dress up like they did on the big day but after the honeymoon and take some relaxed photos. I do not normally shoot weddings, but as this was not a wedding it was a relaxed simple shoot with a newly married couple and their son William. We got out Billy's car and went for a dive around our local area. It was very relaxed and it showed. 

Congrats you guys. 

Web page banners for Laura Horn Art

Laura wanted click banners for her web page. So we went out to her local park and came up with some creative ways to direct visitors to specific pages of her web site. We then went to her gallery at Local Crowd Cafe to hang some new pieces. We stayed for coffee of course.  

3 banners see through.png