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Most professional promoters will have their own staff photographers on site but a lot of the time they do not. Even the ones that do will only have them for fight night and maybe at the weighin, but they are not there for you, they are there for the promotion. Interstate promotions will require you to send them your own photos, do you have some? Do you own the rights to them?.

As a fighter you must sell your product, that product is you. If you are to be put on a poster/promotional production  at least you get to chose which immages they use.   


You are your own brand, use it to your advantage. 

I am amazed at how many fighters not have their own set of professionally shot portrait photos, let alone the very small amount who do and have them stored in the cloud as high resolution files ready for any promoter to use on posters and fight cards. Your guess is as good as mine as to why this is so. I am assuming that they do not know the importance of having professional photographs taken, or maybe they assume that a screen grab is good enough for digital edit or print, trust me, your iPhone photos look good on social media but they will not hold up next to high resolution photographs of your opponent. 

Terry Nickolas

Terry Nickolas

It costs money to have your photo taken but you can lower the cost by doing it as a gym, or if you have a sponsor get them to cover the cost by wearing their logo on your shorts. It is easy to find a photographer online and if not ask around the gyms or even the promoters if they could recommend one. 

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